We are a Christian community outreach organization offering hope, support, and healing through Jesus Christ to victims of harmful circumstances and dependencies, as they reclaim the gift of their life. For more information you can visit us in person or contact us by or office@partnersinhope.ca.

What happened to our old website?

We had been planning to rebuild our site for a long time but had never got to tackle the task, and after many years of service our old site finally had one too many problems to fix. So we decided to take it down and start building a new site. You will soon see a new site here for Partners in Hope. We aim to better reflect the new directions that we have taked over the past years and you will see a lot of the old content that used to be here along with a lot of new content. Come back soon and check us out for resources you are looking for. If you have an urgent need don't hesitate to contact us.

Community Connections

A variety of free or low-cost resources are available in the Lower Mainland are. Our "First Stop" page will give you an overview of some of the resources our outreach workers are asked for most frequently. It's important to know where the shelters are, where you can get a shower, do some laundry, find dental help etc. You'll find the latest listing available. Whether it's haircuts or detox or legal services etc., whatever information we have is listed below.


Office: 604-215-0335
Twitter: pihrecovery
Partners in Hope, 210-2299 E 30 Avenue, Vancouver, BC V5N 5N1