Residential Program

Starting a House of Hope in Your Community

As men and women come out of broken and destructive lifestyles and seek to build new habits of responsible living, they need support in a variety of ways. Stable housing with supportive accountability is an important expression of caring that support healthy choices. We offer our experience in setting up, staffing, and operating semi-independent residences for individuals seeking healing and restoration. The links below provide details and basic forms we used in our program. You’ll also find our story to help stimulate thinking and planning in your community. Our coordinator is available to provide further information. Contact us at: or 604-215-0335


Handbook for setting up and operating a Supportive Residential Program

Residential Program Resources

  • Program Description
  • Contract
  • Application
  • Emergency Information
  • First Day Plan
  • Life Skills Planner
  • Basic Schedule
  • Policies for Short Term Residents
  • Guest Activities Policies

Residential Coordinator Position

  • Job Description
  • Statement of Faith
  • Application Process
  • Application
  • Day to Day Duties


A Residential Program for Life With God in Recovery



We purpose to give living witness to our choice for life with God in recovery in a community living situation. We choose to follow Jesus Christ and the values and principles His life taught by word and example. In the giving of our lives together in loving service of God and one another, we seek to faithfully practice what He has shown to be the lifestyle of a person most fully alive.



In the context of living that out in the House of Hope we make the following specific commitments:

  1. I choose to give myself wholeheartedly to serving God as my life’s focus in ministry, in service, and in encouraging and supporting others to become followers of Jesus Christ as well.
  2. I choose to be a person who models hope to those who don’t have hope.
  3. I choose to be a person who works to establish loving relationships with God and my neighbor.
  4. I choose to be a responsible steward of the gifts and talents God has given me and to grow and stretch to become more and more effective as a servant of Jesus Christ in my home, my workplace, and my community.



I. PRIORITY OF RELATIONSHIP BUILDING WITH GOD: We choose to live intentionally building relationship with Jesus Christ and learning how to practice a lifestyle of discipleship. We will make time first in my day to get to know God through prayer, through Bible reading and study, through listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit and intentionally putting something new into practice every day that God brings to my attention.

II. PRIORITY OF LIFE IN RELATIONSHIP AND COMMUNITY LIVING: We choose to live in community as caring persons — caring for the lives of those around us; caring for the environment in our space and the common areas of the community; making ongoing efforts to create an atmosphere of love and acceptance and sharing in the relationships around us, including offering forgiveness and reconciliation when needed. We I choose to care for visitors by going out of our way to provide hospitality to those who come to this home. We choose to have our personal life shaped by life in community.

III. PRIORITY OF SIMPLICITY: We choose to live simply – having only those things I need for a simple life. We choose to let go of those habits and possessions and relationships that we’ve used to search for comfort and happiness but which ultimately clutter our hearts and lives and take our focus from seeking the same first in relationship with Jesus Christ. We choose to give care at all times to what we do own, what we prepare, what we find around us. We choose to use in a healthy balance those things that are given to us whether food or money, technology, or other possessions. We choose to give away all habits and possessions that bring harm to us — body, soul, or spirit.

IV. PRIORITY OF STEWARDSHIP DEVELOPMENT: We choose to make full use of the talents and gifts God has given us in service of God and of people around us. We work a full day every day, with a goal towards self-supporting full-time paid employment and in the short term also give ourselves voluntarily in service of others in community work – giving priority, while we live in the house to those activities where as a community we have chosen to offer hospitality and support.