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August 31, 2020

Hello friends,

Here we are 3 months since I was last in touch and things haven’t changed all that much in terms of what’s going on with the pandemic.  In fact, here in BC our numbers are at record highs so that’s not all that great.

As I mentioned in the last update correctional facilities closed their doors to all volunteers for the foreseeable future in March and that hasn’t yet changed.  So all the chapels and visits we were doing are still stopped. However, God continues to keep the doors open to the many prisons across Canada and beyond.  With the pandemic there’s lots of adjustments going on inside and lots of needs.

A recent email from a correctional facility chaplain said this:

 I trust that you are well in spite of the Covid craziness. We have seen, however, that God is using this time to speak and minister to people that would not in the past have the same “frame of mind”.  The copies of Daily Meditations that receive from you (50 copies) are always gone very fast. Even more so since our Institution has become the Assessment Unit for Ontario. We are receiving 50 plus inmates every 2 weeks, so many new inmates are asking for a copy.  I think we would be able to pass out 200 copies monthly. Could this be possible?  Thank you for your ministry. It truly is an amazing tool for the Lord.

 My response:

 I have a package of 150 additional copies of the September booklet ready to mail when the post office opens This morning. Trusting the 50 you have already will be enough until the new batch arrive. Going forward we’ll send you 2 x100 packages each month.

 Chaplain’s reply:

 I went to the different Units this morning already to give out the different daily readings and meditations we offer (Daily Bread, etc.) I only did one side of the Units and used up all 50. The Institution has over 500 inmates, many just arriving since we are an Assessment Unit (all new inmates start here and stay for around 60-90 days to be assessed for their transfer depending what programs they need, etc. I would say around 200 plus stay longer because they offer programs for them also. We will be glad to get the new amount of copies.  I want to thank you again for everything. It is great to see the hunger for the Word and it is greater to see the change because of it! 

 We love how information about these booklets spreads.  From another chaplain:

 My name is … and I am a chaplain at … which is an addiction treatment facility within corrections. I am interested in obtaining regular copies of the Life With God In Recovery Daily Meditation booklets.  Some of the men here know of your resources and have been requesting them.  Currently (name of institution) has been closed due to a Covid-19 outbreak and we are temporarily housed at (another institution)

 The correspondence from inmates keeps us praying and typing to answer their questions, provide additional resources, and let them know that God cares for them and has answers to their needs.

We’re always thrilled to hear from people who have been in non-Christian treatment centers.

 Hi there my name is … I have just began my new life in recovery after 25 years of battling addiction. I went to the (names the recovery house.)  The last day I used was Christmas and by the grace of God I’m alive and it’s thanks to the ladies I’ve met at the recovery house and the NA/AA program which led me to connection with God. Your daily meditations really help me it would be wonderful if I could get a copy every month if you guys do that I am in a 2nd stage home with 8 other ladies who I love reading with. Let me know if that’s possible thanks so much have a blessed day.

 Another person in another recovery house sent us this message both in response to the meditation booklets and the 12-Step materials we produce and distribute as well:

My name is …and I am currently living in a Christian based residential treatment center….  We are in receipt of your monthly booklet and are currently working through your 12 step guide as a group as part of our curriculum.  I felt the need to let you know that myself and another gentleman are finding great freedom through the version of the steps you provide on your website.  We have each done other sets but find this one to be the single best in regards to quality. We are at this point just starting the early stages of step four. Thank you to all involved and to those that donate if you are able to pass it along some how. A baby Christian learning to walk,   

 When things closed down for chapel services we began posting video blogs each day.  Our purpose was to help people pray and to help them do so based on God’s Word.  Five and a half months later we are still posting a daily edition and have good response from Facebook, the blog itself, and on Youtube.  The comments and letters we receive are both heartwarming and keep us praying.  There’s a lot of hurt and many challenges for people.  Here’s one excerpt with some edits to maintain confidentiality:

 My daughter’s father wants to remove my granddaughter out of her current environment and into his. She has had custody of her and now an investigator is wanting to place her into the care of her father. Where is God and I keep giving her to God. Should I just let go. We are dealing with evil people. We do not want to change to his lifestyle we want to be true to ourselves. He is financially draining her. Please pray for our whole family

 We continue to make resources available on our website:


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WORLDWIDE OUTREACH:  This material goes around the world.  Stats from the past 7 days show visits from the following: countries – these are the first countries on the list:  United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Portugal, Australia, South Africa, Sint Maarten, India, Nigeria, Ukraine, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Ireland, St. Lucia, Philippines, Singapore and others.

So today we are giving thanks for how God is using simple people with simple tools to reach out to others with the Good News of the Gospel.

At the moment we’re waiting for the technician from the photocopy company to come and sort out an issue so we can get the rest of the next month’s issue published.  When you remember us in prayer please include things like this machine because it’s been having a bit of a struggle the past months.  We ask a lot of it each month as we continue to produce more than 2600 booklets each month.

We continue to give thanks for those whose lives are being touched and changed by God’s grace.  We pray to be faithful to offer all that we have to people who are searching for answers in this unpredictable season.

We need your prayers for ongoing insight into God’s word and the ability to make it clear for the many who have little or no background in the Bible, and for those who are just maybe thinking about what it could mean for them to turn their will and their life over to the care of God

Thank you for the ways you support us in prayer and financially.  These are obviously challenging times in the area of donations as well, but we have a God who supplies all our needs.

For all of us here at Partners in Hope,

Elsie Quick


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