12 Step Group

Life In Recovery Meeting Format and Materials

The meeting format we’ve developed is what works for us. Find the format that works for you. This is just one model to get you started.

Our basic meeting format is a welcome, foundation information (steps and traditions), singing, discussion of a step or recovery principle, life affirmations and serenity prayer.

We include various items that help individuals who come from treatment centers to “get credit” for coming to the meeting. Many come from secular centers and so things like “a preamble”, the reading of the “12-steps” and “traditions” (We’ve developed our “Why We Come” as our traditions) are necessary pieces to include.

We always have a time of singing because folks like it and because we believe it opens the door to the presence of God in ways words sometimes don’t. Again because we have men and women from both Christian and secular groups joining with us, we make prayer ministry available at the end of the meeting. Some other groups like to weave that into the format of their meetings.

We use the “Life Affirmations” as a summary of what can ground us in our daily living. We include the full Serenity Prayer rather than the abbreviated version used at most meetings. Do what works for you.

For each meeting participant we provide:

  • a copy of the study sheet,
  • a copy of the 12 steps,
  • a copy of the “Individual Handout” that includes the welcome, prayers, the list of addictions, Life Affirmations, and Serenity Prayer.

We put everything but the study sheet in plastic sheet protectors and re-use them from week to week. We encourage individuals to take the study sheets home with them for further study and prayer.

As leader of the meeting you will want to have available the following:

  • Meeting Outline For Facilitator
  • Welcome
  • Individual Handout of resources
  • Individual study sheets, 12-step sheet, life affirmations & Serenity prayer, List of addictions


Meeting Resources

Other Resources


Notes for Facilitators

We believe God has called us to live fully and freely. That requires us hearing a call from God, taking steps to respond to that invitation, and then growing into the vision God has for life for us.  For many years friends of Partners in Hope have shared their stories and life lessons in support group meetings we call Christian 12-Step Support groups.  The meetings are based two foundations:  words of truth and life found in the Bible, and the principles of the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.  Discussion guides, meeting formats, and other helpful resources are available to you in order to plant your own meeting in your neighborhood.  Our coordinator is available to provide further information.  Contact us at:   office@partnersinhope.ca or 604-215-0335.