Life With God In Recovery Book

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This is a book of 365 daily meditations for those whose lives have been impacted by addiction. Whether as a person who is seeking to live in recovery from active addiction or a person affected by the behaviour and choices of an addict, these meditations speak hope and a way forward to life with God that is meaningful, purposeful, and joyful. With quotations from the Bible and recovery literature, personal reflections, practical suggestions, and prayers, these meditations bring a positive focus and useful strategies to make life in recovery both joyful and successful every day. Topics addressed include how to: deal with character defects, build and strengthen healthy relationships, understand God’s part and our part in the healing process, recognize wisdom, understand and apply the 12 Steps, and find peace with God through prayer.

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Evelyn Leeburn and Elsie Quick are based in the Vancouver, BC area where they work with Partners in Hope Recovery Society to support individuals during times of vulnerability as they move beyond the impact of addictive and destructive lifestyles into new seasons of experiencing God’s love for themselves and then, serving God and others well. For many years they have been involved in outreach activities in the inner city, recovery circles in the community, and have been part of the chaplaincy program and a restorative justice visitation program in local correctional facilities. They’ve been writing and publishing daily meditations in monthly booklets which are widely circulated around the world online and in print form to outreach centers, drug and alcohol treatment programs, recovery centers, and prisons across Canada, in USA, and the UK.